Thank you for visiting Guesthouse Suwa.
We hope you enjoy the wonders of Togakure and a unique experience at Suwa.
Please stop by at any time.

Suwa was once called Enmeiin, the guesthouse
for the Togakure Shrine.
The spirit of the Togakure Shine resides in the
sanctuary within the guesthouse. There, the Shinto
priest can perform Oharai which is a ritual of spiritual cleansing.
* Please let us know ahead of time if your visit will include
 worshipping at the sanctuary.
* There may be days when the priest is unavailable.

Indulge in the local specialties starting with our famous Togakure soba noodles. You can also enjoy our culinary creations prepared with fresh local mountain vegetables, mushrooms, river fish, horsemeat sashimi, Shinshu beef, and vegetables
from the highlands of Togakure.

Relax in our lounge, sanctuary, and one of our guestrooms in the traditional architectural style.
Rediscover the true Japanese hospitality.

Please note

Payments are accepted in cash in Japanese yen only.